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Blokjes blokker - Platform for digitisation and fractioning of blokker private equity and offering it to their loyal customers as part of a loyalty program.
Loyalty Platform
Blokjes Blokker
The Client
Blokker is a retail company with a very long history in the Netherlands. They embarked on a full renovation of their digital infrastructure and increased their customer loyalty with innovative financial incentives.
Project Partners
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The Challenge

Blokker wanted to offer its private shares to its loyal customers as part of an innovative loyalty program. This required a substantial legal and technical work. Since the technical solution deals with financial instruments and accounting, it required bank-level security and auditability in which brands and their customers can trust.


In a joint partnership, Xeco Labs took care of the technical work. The solution included a modern double-entry accounting component at the core to account for private equity issuance and allocation as well as a brand dashboard from which Blokker could monitor the allocation of its private shares and detailed transactions.

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