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Michiel Van Cranenburgh

Main Strength
25+ yrs of experience in international wealth management & advisory - both corporate and private.

Michiel, advisor to Xeco Labs, is a seasoned financial professional with over 25 years of experience in international wealth management and advisory services. With a background that includes a former director position at both Credit Suisse and ABN AMRO Corporate Banking, Michiel brings a wealth of expertise to his role as advisor to Xeco Labs.

Michiel's broad knowledge and experience with business family situations, as well as his expertise in international investing and finance, make him a valuable asset to both corporate and private clients. His broad knowledge and expertise in international investing and finance have made him a sought-after advisor, known for his ability to work at different levels with clients, their advisors, and other stakeholders.

With his extensive experience and broad knowledge, Michiel is a valuable asset to Xeco Labs and the financial industry as a whole.

Personal Bio
"A self-starter with a passion for new projects from design to implementation; both leading and doing. Fluent in 6 languages & cultures. Honored to be a trusted advisor to clients and colleagues. "
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