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Investor Dashboard

Empower your investors with Xeco Labs' Investor Dashboard. Deliver real-time, personalized insights into their portfolios through a secure, mobile-friendly platform that's MiFID II compliant.

Tailored Dashboard for Your Investors' Needs

At Xeco Labs, we understand that informed investors are satisfied investors. Our Investor Dashboard is designed to provide your clients with personalised insights into their investment portfolios. It is a mobile-friendly platform with customisable layouts tailored to their individual needs.

Real-Time Portfolio Performance and Asset Allocation

Our dashboard offers real-time reporting on portfolio performance, ensuring your investors have the most up-to-date data at their fingertips. It provides a detailed asset allocation overview, helping them understand the diversification of their investments and identify opportunities for strategic shifts.

Transaction Overview and Fund Information

The Investor Dashboard presents a comprehensive transaction overview, keeping your investors informed about all the financial movements in their portfolios. It also provides fund information, allowing them to understand the nuances of each investment and make educated decisions.

Personalised Insights and Investor Details

The dashboard offers personalised insights that reflect your clients' unique investing style and goals. Additionally, it includes detailed investor details, ensuring they have all necessary information to manage their investments effectively.

Access Levels and Mobile-Friendly Interface

Our dashboard is designed to be mobile-friendly, enabling your investors to access their portfolios anywhere, anytime. It offers various access levels, letting you manage who can view and edit information.

Compliant, Secure, and Forward-Thinking

Security is our utmost priority. Our dashboard is fully secure, safeguarding your investors' sensitive financial data. It's not just compliant, it's MiFID II compliant, ensuring their investments meet the strictest regulatory standards.

Financial Forecasting and Customisable Layouts

We offer robust financial forecasting capabilities, aiding your investors in strategic planning and risk management. Our dashboard's customisable layouts allow your investors to configure views that best suit their investing strategy and data analysis needs.

The Xeco Labs Difference

Choose Xeco Labs' Investor Dashboard and enhance your investors' experience. Our platform is built to drive financial success for your clients. Contact us today to learn more about how our Investor Dashboard can empower your investors and elevate your financial services.

Your business is unique, let us contribute to your success and fuel your growth with our custom made software.
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