OAKK Capital Partners
Backoffice automation, Integration of ABN AMRO's Business and Payment APIs
November 2021 - ongoing
Xeco Labs, OAKK Capital Partners
OAKK Capital Partners, is a major wealth manager in Rotterdam and offers a full suite of product for investors and financial advisers. OAKK is convinced that professional guidance in building wealth ultimately yields a better return for private investors and considers The Financial Advisor as playing a central role in this. OAKK provides the right tools for investors to build up their wealth and for the financial advisers to guide the investors to that goal.

Xeco Labs started an ongoing collaboration with OAKK Capital Partners in 2021 to help them automate some of their backoffice operations. As part of the first assignment, Xeco Labs was responsible to integrate the ABN AMRO's Business and Payment APIs in OAKKS administration dashboard (Ongoing).

Among other things, Xeco Labs advised OAKK on their development and technical infrastructure.
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