Bits of Stock Platform
Bits of Stock™ is a brand loyalty and investment app creating a new currency for reward programs - fractional shares of stock.
December 2019
Xeco Labs, Bits of Stock
Bits of Stock had originally built its platform using a custom solution build on top of AWS API Gateway, lambda functions and DynamoDB. This could satisfy their needs up to a certain point after which extending the system to offer new functionality would be unnecessarily time consuming and cumbersome. Add to that the difficulty of maintenance and error tracking.

This is how Xeco Labs came to help Bits of Stock by proposing a new software architecture built using common software frameworks and practices. We rebuilt the whole platform of BoS from the ground up using AWS Beanstalk and RDS and Django web framework with state of the art CI/CD pipeline in a matter of weeks. This enabled BoS to focus on the core business and add features that matter rather than wasting time on non-trivial matters. We also integrated external services to completely remove the headache of error tracking and customer support.
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