AssetCare Fund Services
Investor Portal, Fund Manager Portal & Admin Portal
October 2021 - ongoing
Xeco Labs, AssetCare Fund Services
A key player in offering adimistrative services in the Netherlands, AssetCare Fund Services offers services to funds investing in listed products, debt funds, crypto funds, real estate funds, private equity funds, pension funds and insurance companies.

AssetCare entrusted the development of their Investor Portal, Fund Managaer Portal and Administration Portal with Xeco Labs. At the momenet Xeco Labs is finilizing the 1st milestone of the project.

Among many functionalities here are the highlights:
- Interfacing with SS&C
- Automation of their entire backoffice workflow
- Reconciliations & Reporting
- Analytics on Company level, Funds, Investors, etc.
AssetCare Xeco Labs
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